Grand Stands welcomes the challenge to solve the ergonomic issues that are not “off the shelf.” It could be a new platform design, a support for a unique piece of equipment, or a part to retrofit to existing equipment. Bring us your challenges.

Custom Platforms: A large company needed a stable and large universal platform for all of their employees. Grand Stands was able to design, prototype, manufacture and deliver within 3 weeks.

Height-Adjustable, Reconfigurable L3 Table Base: A national account was looking for a height-adjustable base that could be moved to reconfigure the project room. Each table needed to be powered and daisy chained.

L3 MedWall: A hospital requested a sit-to-stand unit for exam rooms. Grand Stands designed and manufactured the L3 Med Wall to meet that requirement.

Nova Wall Mount Retrofit: Over and over again customers complained that existing wall mount keyboard supports were not performing well and were bouncing and dropping during use. Grand Stands took an existing product and modified it to fit in the existing wall tracks to provide a stable solution that was inexpensive and easily installed.