Keyboard Arms

EasyLift Dial Tilt Arm
EasyLift Dial Tilt Arm

The keyboard arm support, along with the task chair, was the beginning of the office ergonomic industry. It finally allowed the furniture to adjust to the user instead of the user having to adjust to the furniture.

There have been many versions of keyboard arms made over the past 25 years that Grand Stands has been in business. The standard work surface has a height of 29”, which is far too high for most workers, and many are awkward, clunky and interfere with knee space.  Our keyboard arms, however, address these issues by offering a variety of height ranges, tilt options and track lengths.

Our best-selling keyboard arm for seated use is the EasyLift dial tilt, while the Mongoose arm is great for both seated and standing applications.

Our keyboard arms complement our height adjustable base program.  Even with an adjustable surface, many applications require a keyboard arm and platform to place the keyboard at the proper typing height while providing tilt and focal distance adjustment.