Adjustable Sit-Stand Table Bases

Grand Stands provides the tools for movement.

“The best position is the next position.”

Our products allow for users to change position. Only sitting or only standing is not the answer. Having the ability to change from sitting to standing is mandatory for an ergonomic workplace. This is true whether it is an assembly workbench, office cubicle or anywhere a worker is static for long periods of time.

The Grand Stands L and V series base is designed to lift and lower work surfaces and to stop wherever needed over and over again for years, EVERY TIME, SAFELY.

Both the L and V series has “Soft start/soft stop” technology. By using only solid-state relays, we protect the life of the motors while providing smooth and accurate height adjustment.  The travel will stop exactly where the user wants it. There is no drift, which is common in many other systems.  

Impact detection is a feature that must be on every base and it must be effective. Most systems use a software to pick up impacts. They are only as good as the motors and the quality of the system. Since many use motors that are not consistent in the power draw, the software cannot pick up most impacts. The L2 and V2 series utilize software impact detection but our Linak motors are the best on the markets and hold very tight tolerances on the power draw allowing for an efficient system.

The L3 and V3 series use Piezo technology. Piezo technology senses the slightest interference. As a result, the motors stop and reverse direction. This is the most efficient impact detection system on the market.

Our new V Series comes with one standard foot length and a 3-piece top mounting bracket set. 2-leg bases come with a 23.5" foot/mounting bracket set and 3-leg bases come with two 23.5" and one 10" corner foot/mounting bracket set.

Our control box can be custom programmed to restrict the travel range in the up and down positions, an important feature in accommodating pedestals, overheads, counters, and other obstructions. For example, as with overheads, the travel can be set to stop close to the top, then continue up slowly to warn the user that the table is close to its top range.

UL and ETL listings are a must.  Because most manufacturers assemble or import components from China, the electrical mechanical systems are not UL or ETL listed as complete systems. Most times a single component is sourced with a general UL listing as a standalone part but not as part of an assembly, thus the entire base is not listed.